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Another Reason we must Make Glorious the Iraq War: Arrrr, Pirates!

Publié le 24 novembre, 2008 | Pas de commentaires

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Breitebart, via headline shrieking conservative mouthpiece Matt Drudge, has supplied us with yet another heroic reason to prolong the war in Iraq. “[T]he Gulf would be infested by pirates…if the U.S. quits Iraq too soon”, Iraq’s Defense Minister is quoted as saying at a press conference held in Bagdad today.

Except the pirates, who have been so active lately, capturing oil tankers and demanding ransom for crewmembers, (some estimate that over $150 million has already been paid), are doing their buccaneering in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Somalia in Eastern Africa. To wrap your head around the latest excuse – that protecting the slender entrance to the Persian Gulf is the mission to be accomplished by this bloody U.S. engineered nightmare – is something like coming full-circle, a return to the raw realities of the neo-con agenda before they had begun to be spun to the public, when they were still the backroom chat of Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Feith. Turns out they were not Speculators, they were Oil Men, all along.

“The minister did not enlarge on his remarks or explain how the Gulf would become prey to pirates when one of its littoral states, Bahrain, is home to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

“The Gulf, which supplies the bulk of world oil imports, is also bordered by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Iran, all of whose navies patrol the waterway.”

For good measure, the minister Abdel Qader Jassem Mohammed al-Obeidi added that “Iraqi territory risks being attacked by neighboring states, referring to Turkey’s bombing of Turkish Kurdish PKK rebels in their mountain hideaways of northern Iraq.” So now we’re talking Turkey, just in time for Thanksgiving.

These are deliberate confusions and obfuscations, as have been all the other reasons given the questioning world these 8 years: Weapons of Mass Destruction, al-Qaeda, ridding the world of the evil Saddam Hussein, empowering women, defending Iraqi civilian allies, blah blah blah, and now it’s Pirates are the New Jihadis!

But it’s always been about controlling the oil.

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