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Pakistan’s Post-Partition Depression

Publié le 13 mai, 2009 | Pas de commentaires

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“We have met the enemy and they is us.” – Pogo

What the hell is going on in Afghanistan? Business as usual. What about Pakistan? They’re all hotted up, killing “hundreds”** of Taliban fighters near the Swat valley. Where was all this energy when the Bush Administration was handing over $100m checks with zero accountability for the money? But never mind all that, right Mr Obama? It’s a new day, after all.

“The situation in Pakistan has gone from bad to worse as a direct consequence of the US war raging on the Afghan border. US policy has now carried the Afghan war over the border into Pakistan with its incursions, drone bombings and assassinations – the classic response to a failure to deal with insurgency in one country. Remember the invasion of Cambodia to save Vietnam?”

“It is a fantasy to think of ever sealing the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The ‘Durand Line’ is an arbitrary imperial line drawn through Pashtun tribes on both sides of the border. And there are twice as many Pashtuns in Pakistan as there are in Afghanistan.”

Let’s take this moment to reflect on the West’s partitioning of so many, many places in the world, their peoples thrown into dire internal conflict, because at some point, it was expedient for western rulers to divide countries as they saw fit, from the most egregious example of unconsidered consequences – Palestine turned into ‘Israel’ – to the latest example, a plan to partition Iraq into Sunni, Shiite and Kurd states. The days are long gone when native peoples will endure this kind of western interference. And it is clear they will chose their own brand of chaos over Western ‘control’, and that they have gained the weapons and ‘tactics’ (learned from the C.I.A.) to do it.

“The Pakistani army is composed mostly of Punjabis. The Taliban is entirely Pashtun. For centuries, Pashtuns living in the mountainous borderlands of Pakistan and Afghanistan have fought to keep out invading Punjabi plainsmen. So sending Punjabi soldiers into Pashtun territory to fight jihadists pushes the country ever closer to an ethnically defined civil war, strengthening Pashtun sentiment for an independent « Pashtunistan » that would embrace 41 million people in big chunks of Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

Let their own governments handle it? But we’re in it now, up to – I’d say our balls, but do we still have the guts to face the mess we’ve created? Do we have any commitment to the women and girls being grotesquely abused in that primitive region? What about the children growing up with a worldview of hatred towards “infidels”, and all their “science”? The allies in the “war on terror” had better figure out not only whom they are fighting, but what they are defending. Losses have been tremendous, on all sides. In Iraq, hundreds of thousands have been killed, wounded, or made homeless or refugees, in Pakistan thousands of civilians have been killed or wounded, and hundreds of thousands made homeless or refugees. In the U.S., besides our own loss of thousands of troops, the entire Bush Administration is openly seen as lawless war criminals, hypocrites of the most abhorrent stamp.

No, greed is not good.

Meanwhile, has anyone been keeping track of what’s happening in Sri Lanka? I didn’t think so. I’ll have something on that when there’s more actual news released than the staggering daily death-tolls.

** “…there is guarded support from the common man, but questions are beginning to be asked – where are all these dead Taliban for one?”
“Why is artillery being used to attack the Taliban rather than infantry who can then hold the position they have just taken? What is the physical state of the centre of towns like Mingora and why can’t we have a couple of ‘embedded’ correspondents who can write a pooled dispatch for the English and Urdu press every day?” the editorial wondered.
“We know surprisingly little – in fact beyond official daily briefings almost nothing – about the war with the Taliban,” it said.

http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/south-asia/751-taliban-killed-heliborne- troops-land-in-swat-lead_100191540.html

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