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Sean Penn and a Possible US Imperialist Threat towards Venezuela, via Columbia

Publié le 27 novembre, 2008 | Pas de commentaires

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So we learn tonight, that Hollywood activist/journalist Mr Sean Penn has confirmed what many suspected, regarding the reason the United States is pressing the Columbia Trade Agreement through a spineless – without Obama – Congress: the United States may have plans to invade Venezuela, and is ‘co-operating’ with Bogota in order to stage its latest Red Scare.

(As quoted in The Nation, http://www.thenation.com/doc/20081215/penn:)

“ »Mr. President, » I say, « watching the last presidential debate in the United States, we heard John McCain encouraging the free-trade agreement with Colombia, a country where death squads are notorious and assassinations of labor leaders have been occurring, and yet relations with the United States continue to get closer, as the Bush administration is currently attempting to push that agreement through Congress. As you know, I’ve just come from Venezuela, which, like Cuba, the Bush administration considers an enemy nation, though of course we buy a lot of oil from them. It occurred to me that Colombia may reasonably become our geographically strategic partner in South America, as Israel is in the Middle East. Would you comment on that? »

“He considers the question with caution, speaking in a slow and metered tone. « Right now, » he says, « we have good relations with Colombia. But I will say that if there is a country in South America where an environment exists that is vulnerable to that…it is Colombia. » Thinking of Chávez’s suspicion of US intentions to intervene in Venezuela, I take a deep breath.”

We are all taking a deep breath, after the overwrought sigh of relief we dared to breathe after the victory of Mr. Obama. We want the terrible Republican government, the perverse ‘family’ values, of the previous administration, to fade away, as we wish Sarah Palin to fade away – but to no avail. The fact is, Canada has embraced this treaty as well, Prime Minister Stephen Harper quoted in The Globe and Mail saying, « By expanding our trading relationship with Colombia, we are not only opening up new opportunities for Canadian businesses in a foreign market, we are also helping one of South America’s most historic democracies improve the human rights and security situation in their country.”

One of South America’s most historic democracies. A country which only became independent from Spain under Simon Bolivar, by way of rebellion in 1810, which only had a modern government, (guaranteeing civil and human rights in its constitution), since 1991. Since the time when Paolo Escobar all but ran the country through his drug cartel in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the country has never lived up to its promises, but has always engaged sympathetic Republican leaders.

We have seen, again and again, how GOP ties with South America have led to atrocities, and how anxious the U.S. is to continue to mine the resources from South America, without any consideration of not only environmental costs, but human costs. The U.S. has become a brazen violator of human rights; they are finding their element in Columbia, and seeking to establish military bases there will only prove an anticipated hostile intention to pursue the 21st century version of the Monroe Doctrine. Venezuelan President Chavez tells Douglas Brinkley, « The Monroe Doctrine has to be broken…We’ve been stuck with it for over 200 years. It always gets back to the old confrontation of Monroe versus Bolívar. Jefferson used to say that America should swallow, one by one, the republics of the south. The country where you were born was based on an imperialistic attitude. »

The World is sick of living under a threat of retribution for confronting impotent hubris, whether from the likes of Ahmadinejad or Dubya, Putin or Olmert, Kim Jong Il or Mugabe: but change will never happen when Business is the only criterion that matters. What are we talking about here? A country that has been nothing but a violent vampire on the world, or a prized ally in the war on ‘South American socialism’? (Read: control of oil/resources) Let’s see whether or not Mr. Penn has called it.

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