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Publié le 1 septembre, 2007 | Pas de commentaires

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What are we to make of the existing coverage of international current affairs? Analogously, we may ask ourselves whether the present mediascape adequately reflects the effects international issues have on our daily lives. Though a handful of publications cover international issues exclusively, national coverage and public relations are generally the priority. The status quo thus relegates information of an international nature to the peripheries of publications—and concomitantly, of our awareness.

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The ghettoization of international affairs is not the only sign of neglect. The nature of the articles and coverage dedicated to the issue rarely offer a glimpse of the complexity involved, bringing about an unfortunate schism between general and specialized publics and the corresponding inequities this adds to the dissemination of information. On the one hand, we have an intellectual minority whose analyses are drafted and reserved for academic peers, and on the other, a plethora of lay journalists who have the task of reporting the facts void of sustained analysis or criticism. The objective of the Le Panoptique is two-fold: to provide a forum on international current affairs and simultaneously, offer rich analysis and criticism written with the larger public in mind.

At a time when an event in Beijing can, within the span of hours, have repercussions in Europe, Africa or America, basic knowledge of international current events is mandatory. Le Panoptique has taken upon itself the task of presenting, within any means possible, analysis and criticism of various factors shaping our global reality. The task may seem daunting, but we believe it is within reach. To this end, Le Panoptique aims to offer quality articles written from seven different angles and/or unique perspectives of international current affairs (arts and literature, economy, environment, history, politics, science and society). As experts in their field write the articles, they offer context and the analytical perspective needed to promote a broader understanding of global events. It is only in offering more perspective(s) on international events that we may begin to grasp the complexity of what lies before us.

Le Panoptique is proud to launch its Anglophone counterpart, adding to the already existing template the element of linguistic diversity. With an independent editorial board at the helm, we anticipate a synergic future ahead where the ‘solitudes’, rather than assimilate the other, can rub elbows.

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