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Civilization vs. Brutalization: Countdown to Armageddon

Publié le 4 avril, 2010 | Pas de commentaires

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Over the past months the world has been watching the Americans, and especially President Barack Obama, to see if democracy and the rule of law will continue to decompose in the tomb or resurrect and shine. So far, it doesn’t look good.

Violence against women increases world-wide, new laws being made to marginalize and control women are enacted, while the old laws protecting hard-won rights and freedoms are coming under attack where they are not being outright repealed. Ignoring the mass-rape in Africa is direct evidence of the brutalization of humanity. When women receive their full human rights, including the right to rule, at least equally with men, then I will believe there may be some hope for the world, and not before. (One bright star: Iceland.)

Corporations, which we now know as never before since their Supreme Court ‘victory’ over the democratic process, openly run the country and make its most significant decisions, almost outside of Washington’s control. Hapless Obama administration officials try to walk the cat back in the media while leaving the Wall Street lions loose to devour the millions duped into the arena. Oversated with tax-payer billions and trillions, they continue to rampage unmolested while “financial reform” remains toothless.

But I’ll leave that and the Catholic Church to Maureen Dowd. Let’s talk war: the lawless and budgetless Military Industrial Complex as the Business of America. Afghanistan: the mother of all quagmires. Iraq: revealed for the oil-grab it always was. Sabre-rattling over Iran, a non-starter, as the U.S. and what are left of its allies are in no position to take on the Islamic superpower. And at the head of the stinking fish, Israel, which recognizes neither the laws of YHWH nor man, setting new precedents each day for brutality without any real consequences.

We read of “The Soft-Kill Solution” which outlines the latest military and police strategies to develop technology which completely subdues dissent and crushes all protest with weapons that merely cripple without killing. Taking away our rights to oppose injustice, through a corrupt media, covert ‘intelligence’ operations that end one up on a no-fly list for example, and now these weapons of mass obstruction, are the hallmarks of a society that has abandoned civilization in favor of brutalization. This is the legacy of 9/11.

The acceptance of violence as a means of government is one side of it; there is also the determined effort to force us to accept an ever-growing amount of violence in our social society. Note the absence of new gun-control laws in the face of escalating incidents of mass-killing and assassination. Note the sickening orgy of “tradecraft” that sent the Mossad into paroxysms of self-justification and the usual claims of “self-defense” after their 25+ agent operation to wipe out a Hamas leader in Dubai, using cloned passports of innocent British citizens, provoked the merest fraction of the outcry that was due to such an outrageous violation of international law. Gaza bombings, illegal settlements, arrogant statements which continually poke the eyes of Islamic militantism — and American and allied soldiers continue to die. What is being done about it?

‘“We have an absolute commitment to Israel’s security,” [U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton] said at a news conference. “We have a close, unshakable bond between the United States and Israel.”’

Well I say we are being broken down. We are being cowed, conditioned like dogs, to accept brutality, not only against our “enemies” but against members of our own societies. In the name of “security” we are being trained to relinquish the security of the rule of law, the security of the right to protest, to pursue justice for the disenfranchised. The prosecution of thought-crime cannot be far behind when the law will not even stand up to defend the right of free citizens to be heard.

But some voices of protest are being heard in America – the problem is, they are the voices of howling schizophrenics who belong in an institution. The cowards of racism, the left-behind ignorant religious rabble, the hate-mongering anti-gay crowd, always shouting for someone to be tortured, crucified.

Will there be an Easter Morning in America, when Law will work for the preservation of actual human beings, rather than the protection of ruthless and insatiable corporate interest? When international laws and alliances will protect their allies and prosecute the blatant lawbreakers – including those in our own camp – by ending torture in black-op prisons and allowing the Goliaths to bomb the rock-slinging Davids into annihilation, (while they in turn ratchet up terrorism to levels as yet unimagined, with no hope of an alternative)? Oh no, I don’t believe it. But I’m betting that nature – not the supernatural – will solve the problem for us. Unless a real revolution of human understanding can be brought about, where all countries learn to evolve and work together for our mutual preservation, for civilization, it will be climate-change, way ahead of technology’s ability to turn it back, that will eventually reveal the Earth’s final solution to human brutality.


Arike, Ando, “The Soft-Kill Solution”, Harpers Magazine, March 2010, p. 38-54.

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