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Was There Ever Any Doubt? Suspicions that the U.S. is behind the revolution in Iran, on Iranian State T.V.

Publié le 21 juin, 2009 | Pas de commentaires

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12:35 PM ET — « U.S. behind the attacks. » A reader sends in this unverified note: « Hi I’m located in Dubai but we have access to Iranian State T.V. here. I just witnessed a program on official state television depicting young Iranians with there faces blurred ‘testifying’ to visiting the U.S. and being trained and told by the americans to cause unrest and chaos in Iran. »

In no way does it matter if it is true, or even if the rumor is true; it is now on the Internet, on the Huffington Post, no less. A live-blog of the mayhem, complete with video footage I wouldn’t let the kiddies near.

12:26 PM ET — Mousavi martyrdom. A message on Mousavi’s official Facebook page « confirms he is on the streets and has ‘washed in readiness to be martyred,' » a Persian speaker emails.

Mousavi is talking about martyrdom. Thank God he’s a progressive. He can probably make that work for Obama, right? I honestly do not know how people can not suspect neo-con forces from the Bush Administration of some kind of collusion at the very least. It does not matter whether it is true or not – now that the suggestion is out there, whatever President Obama does will be potentially disastrous. Are the only ones thinking that Dick Cheney, who was said by the Director of the CIA to “wish for another attack” – a remark unconvincingly retracted later – are wearing tinfoil hats if they believe he would be encouraged by the possibility of retribution against the United States? To seize a chance to discredit Mr Obama? Get more no-bid contracts for Halliburton? He would deny it.

‘CIA Director Leon Panetta says former Vice President Dick Cheney’s criticism of the Obama administration’s approach to terrorism almost suggests « he’s wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point. »

Panetta told The New Yorker for an article in its June 22 issue that Cheney « smells some blood in the water » on the issue of national security.’

All but calling him a cold, dead-eyed shark. Fox News followed up immediately with a veiled threat from Cheney in their headline: « I hope my old friend Leon was misquoted, » Cheney said, in a written statement to FOX News. « The important thing is whether the Obama administration will continue the policies that have kept us safe for the past eight years. »

The policies that have kept us safe for the past eight years. Friends, if he has the balls to say that now, you’d better believe he could be up to something. Of the former CEO of Halliburton CBS reported: “In 2002, Cheney’s total assets were valued at between $19.1 million and $86.4 million.” Er, there’s near $70million in between there, and his present worth is said to be just under $100million. This guy has been at this his whole life. He will not stop now, even if he causes the U.S. to remain the #1 target for terrorists.



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