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World News Reports Now Based on Facebook Comments, Overheard Snippets in Laundromat

Publié le 14 février, 2012 | Pas de commentaires

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Where is the EVIDENCE that Iran had anything to do with the bombings in India, or Georgia (where the bomb did not explode)?  Where is the evidence that the Iranian government were responsible for the latest incident in Bangkok?  The New York Times does not scruple to print, « Israel said… » – and that is enough to make it fit.

Look at the HEADLINE of this article:  on almost no actual evidence, the suggestion by Israel that Iran is behind this is enough to title the article in this inflammatory way:


This is nothing but the most transparent effort at implicating a country in order to justify their much-desired war, it’s on the level of Saddam’s hidden WMD.  The « Tehran government » has denied all these accusations.  An Iranian man blew his own legs off when he set off a bomb in his house.  There is absolutely no proof that this incident is related to the others, except that Israel has connected them – and that is printed as though there can be no doubt of a link. Well, I’ll have grounds more relative than this.

In fact, the Guardian reports: « In Jerusalem, the Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said there was not yet any sign that any targets in Bangkok were Israeli or Jewish. »  Not yet!  They also repeated the accusations made by Israel linking all the incidents.


The Independent reports that police are investigating it, and also repeats Israel’s accusations: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/thai-police-investigate-bangkok-blasts-6917202.html

So when will the media stop giving credence to such accusations, printing them as if there really were a discernable pattern of actionable aggression being perpetrated by Iran?  This is a concerted fiction, a construction of propaganda to make us see the words « Iran » and « bomb » in the papers until the lie has become truth, as Goebbels advised.

And who is actually behind this?  Might it not more plausibly be agitators who are tasked with drumming up sympathy for this misbegotten cause?  Or even the autonomously acting « bad apples » who are always to hand when any Westerner commits an atrocity?  Damn right it might.

There were other « foreign-looking » men involved – who were they?  No one cares now, the purpose of this article has been achieved. So besides being manipulated into accepting another catastrophic war, a war we are being pushed into by a nuclear-armed aggressor which has begun most of the conflicts in the region over the last 30 years, we are being asked to accept this comical level of reporting as actual news, something on the level of the absurd slanders and ravings of the GOP campaign we’ve been mocking for months.

When will it end?  Only when Mr Obama has carried out his bombing duties to the satisfaction of Israel?  This kind of drum-beating has got to be strongly resisted and opposed, lest we soon find that no decision no matter how grave need be based on anything more solid than, « Israel says… »

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